The ROI Report: 3 Ways Our Concierge Services Quickly Pay for Themselves

Here at Lux Lifestyle Concierge, we are laser focused on bespoke concierge programs meant to make life a little bit easier and a whole lot better. While we like to tell clients that our professional concierge services are an affordable luxury, most of our clients quickly discover that they’re a critical, essential must-have in their [...]

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Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What’s the Difference?

Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What's the Difference? Generally speaking, a personal assistant is a full-time office position traditionally reserved as a benefit for upper-level management. This person is responsible for taking notes, making business travel accommodations, answering phone calls and emails, arranging meetings, keeping up with the weekly schedule, and more. The idea behind [...]

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