How Your Business Would Benefit From a Corporate Concierge

LUX Lifestyle Concierge will balance work and life between your executives, employees, top clients and customers. Our concierge and personal assistance service provides on-demand support your employees, organization, and eligible participants to result in optimal success and performance.
Its also a great fit for Self Proprietors and small business owners who find themselves constantly spread thin when trying to keep up with all aspects of running a business.

• Privately owned hotels, bed & breakfasts, golf clubs, and yacht clubs
• Small businesses to large corporations benefit from our services because they allow employees to spend more time and focus on tasks that are productive while leaving the mundane time consuming tasks to us
• Real estate management companies can receive virtual or on-site concierge services for their tenants to add value to their properties and increase their marketability
• Personal Real Estate Corporations who require on-demand Executive Assistant services, especially on days when entertaining Buyers & Sellers

At LUX Lifestyle Concierge we are able to offer your employees, executives, selected clients, and customers a premium work/life balance benefit. Our services are a wonderful extension to your organization through our wide array of concierge and assistance options.

With our virtual and onsite concierge service, your employees, clients, volunteers, and any eligible participants can contact us by phone or email with their request and we will take care of their request in a professional and timely manner. If the requests exceeds the pre-determined monthly amount of time; your organization and/or eligible participants will receive our service with a discounted price that will be invoiced to them directly. (We will discuss this option in more detail during a consultation meeting)

• Enhancing the value of your product or service
• Elevating your brand from a product or service to an ongoing experience
• Help you earn loyalty and drive retention by delivering an indispensable service tied to your product or service
• Create an impact on the lives of customers between purchases or renewals
• Associate your brand with positive life experiences
• Attract, acquire, and retain top talent and the best employees
• We help your employees work optimally, increase office morale and productivity

• Access to a Prestigious Concierge and Lifestyle Manager/Personal Assistant at a discounted price
• Employees feel more appreciated and valued
• Healthy work-life balance
• More time for family and leisure
• Reduced stress and anxiety