Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What’s the Difference?

Generally speaking, a personal assistant is a full-time office position traditionally reserved as a benefit for upper-level management. This person is responsible for taking notes, making business travel accommodations, answering phone calls and emails, arranging meetings, keeping up with the weekly schedule, and more. The idea behind hiring a personal assistant is that this person enables corporate level employees to be more productive by taking the mundane, routine tasks off their plates and managing their time.

As corporate culture has evolved over the years, and as more people seek work-from-home and entrepreneurial careers, the role of the personal assistant has also evolved and become more fluid. However, one constant that remains is that personal assistants tend to be dedicated, full-time employees who work for only one client, whether your PA is a benefit you receive at work or someone you hire yourself.

Personal Concierges tend to work with several clients at once, forming deep partnerships with each client, providing a broader range of perks and services overall, and operating as a liaison or central point of contact for other service providers. At Lux Lifestyle Concierge, for example, we offer full-service lifestyle management. In other words, we do whatever it takes to help you achieve the most beautiful outcomes possible—both at work, and at home.

Compared to full-time personal assistants, personal concierge services tend to be:

More Affordable

Since personal concierges work with several clients at a time, they can provide their services at a lower overall cost to each individual client—both in terms of hourly rate and in terms of time, benefits, and other soft costs.

A personal concierge service is also the ideal choice if you need lifestyle management support for a few hours every day or every week. The last thing you want to do is pay for a full-time personal assistant when you don’t have a full-time need.

More Comprehensive and Flexible

The way personal concierge services are structured provides another benefit—more comprehensive support and greater flexibility. While many personal assistants are willing and able to provide support for clients both at work and home, the traditional model is structured on a 9 to 5 workday, which doesn’t reflect reality for most people anymore.

Here at Lux, our specialty is seamlessly blending the office to the home, helping you clear your desk for the weekend one day and setting up home services or reorganizing your closets the next.

Whether you need comprehensive, structured lifestyle management or you simply need a helping hand from time-to-time, Lux Lifestyle Concierge can help you create a smooth and stress free outcome with a service level that is right for you.