If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you may want to consider using a professional home stager. If you don’t believe in staging your home, think again because it can help you sell your property for more money and faster. On that note, below are the top 10 reasons for using [...]

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Can LUX Make Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week?

The Sunday Blues are a well-documented phenomenon. You start thinking about the week ahead, everything you left unfinished and sitting on your desk, the meetings you have looming—and the anxiety starts to set in, even though you still have a full weekend day ahead of you. Don’t let worries about work sap your energy, steal [...]

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The ROI Report: 3 Ways Our Concierge Services Quickly Pay for Themselves

Here at Lux Lifestyle Concierge, we are laser focused on bespoke concierge programs meant to make life a little bit easier and a whole lot better. While we like to tell clients that our professional concierge services are an affordable luxury, most of our clients quickly discover that they’re a critical, essential must-have in their [...]

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Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What’s the Difference?

Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What's the Difference? Generally speaking, a personal assistant is a full-time office position traditionally reserved as a benefit for upper-level management. This person is responsible for taking notes, making business travel accommodations, answering phone calls and emails, arranging meetings, keeping up with the weekly schedule, and more. The idea behind [...]

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3 simple steps to saying goodbye to your repetitive to do list

There’s a subtle difference between creating a To Do List or using a daily planner and setting an in-depth schedule for your life—but it’s a mindset shift that could have an enormous impact on your productivity and your ability to enjoy your day-to-day life. One way of thinking, the list-making mode, keeps you living life [...]

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LUX Lifestyle Concierge functions as an Errand Service too…

Using an errand service will unclutter all those ‘jobs you mean to do’ from your calendar. Personal concierges are professional organizers, delegators, and errand runners all rolled into one. No job too small When you hear the word ‘errand’, something as simple as picking up the dry-cleaning might come to mind. The actual errand varies, [...]

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How Your Business Would Benefit From a Corporate Concierge

How Your Business Would Benefit From a Corporate Concierge LUX Lifestyle Concierge will balance work and life between your executives, employees, top clients and customers. Our concierge and personal assistance service provides on-demand support your employees, organization, and eligible participants to result in optimal success and performance. Its also a great fit for Self Proprietors [...]

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50 Ways To Use A Concierge

50 Ways To Use A Concierge What exactly does a Lifestyle Concierge service provide and do? Here are 50 examples of how you can maximize your time and get back to living your best life by delegating your to-do list to a Concierge: 1. Obtain tickets to concerts, special events, and sporting events 2. On-demand [...]

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