The Sunday Blues are a well-documented phenomenon. You start thinking about the week ahead, everything you left unfinished and sitting on your desk, the meetings you have looming—and the anxiety starts to set in, even though you still have a full weekend day ahead of you.

Don’t let worries about work sap your energy, steal your Sundays, and strip your life of joy. You need your weekends to rest, recoup, and do your best work. While there are many ways to protect your weekends, partnering with a corporate concierge is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost your work-week productivity and free yourself up to enjoy your weekends to the fullest.


Reclaim Your Monday: The Benefits of a Corporate Concierge

For many high-achievers, Sunday is a relaxing day that helps them fully recharge and Mondays are their favorite day of the week, meant for exploring new ideas, tackling new challenges, and chasing down exciting new opportunities.

Logically this outlook makes sense. There’s something invigorating and mentally stimulating about a fresh slate, which is why most people are more productive in January and in the mornings. But if you’ve always dreaded Monday, how do you start to love it—and how can a professional concierge help?


Shift Your Perspective

Skip the little stuff on Mondays. Can it wait? Probably. Too often, people who dread Mondays tend to think of them as a time to tie up loose ends, dig into details, or dive back into unfinished business from the week before. Instead, use the power of the fresh work week to your advantage and carve out time to plan big things, look at problems from a different angle, meet with people, and pursue new opportunities. You might find you begin to relax on Sundays and look forward to Mondays with just this simple shift. Even better, let your corporate concierge handle unfinished business for you over the weekend so you’re not even tempted to waste Monday morning answering those two dozen less-than-critical emails.


Clear The Decks on Friday

One of the best ways to hit the ground running on Monday morning is to clear a path for yourself on Friday afternoon. We know it’s the end of the week and you just want to kick back and maybe leave work a little early. Instead, use the last 30 minutes of your day to clean off your desk, process your notes from the week, and even set up a plan for the following week, prioritizing the top 3 things you want to accomplish. Dread is the feeling you get when you know something’s coming up, and anxiety is the feeling you get when you don’t know what’s coming, but you suspect it’s bad. Taking a few minutes to debrief yourself at the end of the week can eliminate dread and anxiety—and save your Sunday.


Start Your Day Right — Delegate

We aren’t great at letting go of tasks and responsibilities, even when we know that delegating will make us happier and more productive. Maybe it’s the suspicion that it will take longer to explain the task than do it yourself or the fear that it won’t be done right. Whatever the reason, delegation isn’t easy; it’s some of the hardest work you’ll do.

Lux Lifestyle Concierge always asks the question “What can I do for you today?” We understand that it’s easier to respond to someone else’s question or answer an email than it is to compose a list out of thin air, that’s why we come to you. In time, as we get to know you, what gets you going, and what slows you down, we can even start to handle distractions and frustrations before they arise.


Don’t Rely On Willpower, Create Accountability

How many times has the following scenario happened to you? You walk into work Monday morning with the best intentions and big plans, only to get distracted by workplace chatter, interruptions, and emails. Or, maybe you just have trouble settling in and focusing for the week.

No need to suffer and muddle through. Talk to us about what you want to accomplish for the week, or even send the list of goals you created on Friday, and we’ll check-in, encourage, take things off your plate, and make sure you stay on track.

You don’t have to grin and bear it. You don’t need more grit, willpower, or motivation to make the most of your Mondays. You need practical skills, support, and built-in accountability—all of which LUX LIFESTYLE CONCIERGE can provide for less than you might think. Schedule a complimentary consultation LUX to find out all the ways we can help you be more productive, find more time for yourself on the weekends, and live the life you’ve been dreaming about.