3 simple steps to saying goodbye to your repetitive to do list

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There’s a subtle difference between creating a To Do List or using a daily planner and setting an in-depth schedule for your life—but it’s a mindset shift that could have an enormous impact on your [...]

LUX Lifestyle Concierge functions as an Errand Service too…

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Using an errand service will unclutter all those ‘jobs you mean to do’ from your calendar. Personal concierges are professional organizers, delegators, and errand runners all rolled into one. No job too small When you [...]

How Your Business Would Benefit From a Corporate Concierge

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How Your Business Would Benefit From a Corporate Concierge LUX Lifestyle Concierge will balance work and life between your executives, employees, top clients and customers. Our concierge and personal assistance service provides on-demand support your [...]

50 Ways To Use A Concierge

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50 Ways To Use A Concierge What exactly does a Lifestyle Concierge service provide and do? Here are 50 examples of how you can maximize your time and get back to living your best life [...]