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If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you may want to consider using a professional home stager. If you don’t believe in staging your home, think again because it can help [...]

Can LUX Make Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week?

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The Sunday Blues are a well-documented phenomenon. You start thinking about the week ahead, everything you left unfinished and sitting on your desk, the meetings you have looming—and the anxiety starts to set in, even [...]

The ROI Report: 3 Ways Our Concierge Services Quickly Pay for Themselves

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Here at Lux Lifestyle Concierge, we are laser focused on bespoke concierge programs meant to make life a little bit easier and a whole lot better. While we like to tell clients that our professional [...]

Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What’s the Difference?

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Personal Assistant Vs. Personal Concierge: What's the Difference? Generally speaking, a personal assistant is a full-time office position traditionally reserved as a benefit for upper-level management. This person is responsible for taking notes, making business [...]